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SRF Earthmoving

SRF long-term industry know-how dealing with difficult site situations enable our team to operate efficiently with all ground works for
a broad range of clients from large, multi-unit blocks for commercial project builders to working with landscapers, civil contractors, project builders and the
government sector.

SRF Transport

Transport is a big part of any construction or mining job. SRF Earthmoving delivers roadworks, quarry projects and more, adhering to all mining specs and building requirements. SRF Earthmoving not only has a big range of haulage equipment and the best bobcats and but also highly skilled and experienced drivers and operators. 

SRF Recyclin Roadbase
Recycling Waste

SRF continues to push forward with recycling to our service arsenal – because you need the work done, reducing disposal cost and helping the environment. It is cost effective to have SRF to take on the task as we integrate our recycling effort with our on-site services saving you time and money.  



SRF Earthmoving was established in 1996 to fill a growing need in the building industry for high-quality services. SRF founder, Steve Farano has steadily expanded the company, which now provides a comprehensive range of earthmoving, transport, logistics and waste management services.


The company not only has a wide range of equipment but also the highly skilled and experienced operators needed to get the job done smoothly. All SRF personnel is reliable, fully insured and have at least five years of experience in the industry. The company has an excellent safety record and operates under the Main Roads Accreditation system.​


SRF Earthmoving holds both the Master Builders Association (MBA) and Housing Industry Association (HIA) membership. All our operators have both blue and green card accreditation.

​SRF is also an accrediting recycling supplier through eco resources aligning our work with environmental policies.



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Why Choose SRF?

SRF business philosophy is a simple one.


To provide high-quality services and build on the loyalty of a satisfied and growing group of clients. This is why SRF has been in the industry for 22 years and is still growing.


But what makes for such satisfied customers, and why is SRF able to provide such excellence in our services? 


The answer is simple:

Find and keep the best operators, operators with the intelligence to follow the most complex instructions and the experience to carry them out to the letter. Give these operators the best equipment and support, and satisfied customers are the result.


The SRF team is proud of the work it does. We have the experience, we have the commitment, we have the best vehicles and equipment – for SRF Earthmoving, near enough is never good enough.

Why SRF Can Move the Earth For You


  • We’ll do the job right once as it benefits both
    our clients and our service.

  • We have a qualified, experienced and committed team that you can rely on.

  • 22 years of real-life experience in the industry that matters to our client.

  • Fast, efficient and safe. Win-Win for all.

  • We use the best equipment. A bad workman blames his tools, a good one relies on his.

  • Industry know-how to deal with tricky and
    unusual site situations.

  • Clear communications both on or off-site,
    to keep our operations safe and efficient.

SRF is a member of ​

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Official 2019 Telethon Supporter
Telethon 2019 certification of appreciat


Get in touch

For any enquiries or questions please fill out the following form. Thank you.

Thank you. We will be in touch soon.​



Fax: 9325 4626 


SRF group is always on the lookout for reliable and experienced operators. Please send us an email about yourself and details of your experience. We will contact you when a position arises. 

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