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Waste Management Services

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Raising SRF Environmental Credentials

With increasing landfill levy and regulations concerning on-site recycling, such as Restricted Covenants on recent residential developments which are coming into force across the industry. It is a natural move for SRF to attend to our clients’ growing concern and recycling burden. 


Costs for disposing to landfill have risen over 300 percent, as a way to encourage alternatives to landfill use.  With 2 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste ending up in WA landfills each year, higher fees and more costly regulations are on the horizon. Recycling construction waste helps reverse this trend.


Our company has partnered with recycling plants to improve our operation and the cost of managing site waste for our clients. 


Using SRF, the waste collection process only requires one phone call without disrupting site tasks and slowing things down because we don’t require the materials to be separated on-site like other providers. There are no hidden costs for incorrectly sorted material. But if you do require on-site containment bins we are happy to oblige.


Our SRF’s commitment ensures that all recyclable materials are recycled and not tucked away into the landfill. SRF will cart it, sort it and ensure that it is efficiently recycled.


SRF offers genuine recycling combined with integrated site prep work and earthmoving services.

You can rest assured that all our work brings the same reliability, efficiency and integrity to solving your on-site recycling needs.

Why Recycle Construction Waste?

  • Boost your environmental reputation

  • Reduce the need for costly regulations

  • Increase cost savings 

  • Reduce pressure on landfill space

  • Help save the earth

We Recycle 

  • Bricks

  • Concrete

  • Sand

  • Wood

  • Metal

  • Roof Tiles

  • Tiles

  • Cardboard

  • Paper Products and Plastics

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