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Services & Capabilities


SRF provides earthmoving, cartage and related services to civil contractors, landscape gardeners, project builders, private builders and the government sector. The diversity of our client base means SRF has experience on a wide variety of sites and earthmoving tasks - we've been there and done that before. This means we can hit the ground running even in difficult and unusual situations. SRF is the people for the job, no matter what the circumstances.


For SRF Earthmoving no job is too big. We are experienced with working on sites in excess of 20 units and have longstanding partnerships with commercial project builders. We undertake all ground/concrete and paving prep work, are highly experienced working with landscapers and are experts at those tricky/ difficult site situations. Our operators always integrate well with other on-site service providers.


We can remove all types of building waste, including wood from your site. SRF are increasing our focus on the efficient re-use of building wastes.


SRF has six, top of the line, Mustang and Toyota Bobcats all recent models with a variety of attachments (buckets, broom, post hole auger and forks). We also have a 40M+3 Road-train, 6 Wheelers, 6 Wheeler and Dog, Semis, and Semi and Pig. We also offer Mini-Bobcat services and Dingo hire.


In addition to our Earthmoving and cartage expertise, SRF also a variety of building materials for driveways and access track prep on large sites:

  • Clean Sand Fill

  • Crushed bricks

  • Pea Gravel

  • Road Base

  • Crushed Limestone

  • Mulch

  • Brickie Sand

  • Paving Sand

  • Plasterer Sand

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